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Is your child having delays in articulation, cognition, or expression? Get in touch with us today for assistance.

Apart from speech and language disorders, speech therapists also assist in managing feeding and swallowing challenges. Because numerous mouth muscles control the two activities, most speech disorders come with difficulty in feeding. The focus should be to improve the entire well-being of the child or young adult.
Speech therapy in Sunnyvale entails activities that improve the child’s articulation, fluency, and communication skills. Articulation speech therapy helps infants to make clear and distinct sounds. On the other hand, fluency pathology aims to improve a child’s ability to construct coherent words, phrases, and sentences.
Communication is both verbal and non-verbal. A child from the age of 2 should be able to communicate what they want. Verbal communication should also align with their emotions.

When to Seek a Speech Pathologist in Sunnyvale

There are various developmental stages in children. A child should start babbling from the age of 3 months to 6 months. However, there are some exceptional cases of delay without any underlying speech challenges. Therefore, it is advisable to consult a speech therapist in Sunnyvale before making any diagnosis.
Speech therapy in Sunnyvale
If you are looking for pediatric speech therapy near Sunnyvale to improve your child’s communication, we are here for you. We create custom speech therapy sessions to address all the areas of weakness. You don’t have to worry about therapy sessions for kids at home; we guide you on what fits your child.
Speech difficulties can also occur after traumatic experiences like accidents. In such cases, the patient should be helped to regain their communication skills. Stroke and brain injury are some of the conditions which can lead to impaired or lost speech therapy.

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