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Do you want occupational services in Sunnyvale for your child? Get in touch with Synaptic Pediatric Therapies.

Pediatric occupational therapists services in Sunnyvale aim to help patients live to the fullest after an injury, disability, or incapacitating disorder. The focus is on the child’s daily occupation (regular activities), like learning, dressing, playing, and feeding.

Our team of occupational therapists does a thorough assessment to make the proper diagnosis and propose suitable remedies. After that, we customize activities which the child can undertake to improve sensory, cognition, and motor skills. The occupational therapy sessions help the child overcome physical, social, and psychological challenges for a better life.

What We Do at Synaptic Pediatric Therapies

The first step in occupational therapy is assessing the child to identify the condition and its severity. After that, we make a diagnosis based on signs and symptoms. The diagnosis helps us to make the necessary interventions to treat or maintain some level of independence.    
Apart from OT activities during the sessions in our clinics, we also guide parents on the best occupational therapy techniques for children at home. The siblings should also participate in the healing process of the kid, adolescent, or young adult. Therefore, they must understand the behavioral changes of the patient.
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You can contact the Synaptic Pediatric Therapy center near Sunnyvale for customized OT sessions. You don’t have to travel miles away to seek treatment while you can receive the services in a fun, friendly, and free environment. As a family-based clinic, we work in tandem to ensure your kid gets the best occupational therapy services in Sunnyvale.
Synaptic Pediatric Therapies has all the equipment you need to treat and manage injuries, mental disorders, and disabilities. You can count on us to help your kid through the recovery journey and increased self-confidence.

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