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Speech Therapy in Royse City

Though children do not have a uniform growth rate, they have developmental milestones within each age group. Sometimes, children can experience speech delays due to various factors. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies in Royse city, we provide the best speech therapy giving them the necessary support.

Our speech-language pathologists are licensed, and they come with a wealth of experience from dealing with many kids. You can give your child the best foundation by reaching out to our team. We use fun and play-based therapy to encourage children to overcome their challenges.

If your child is experiencing speech problems ranging from articulation, fluency, and resonance disorders, they can enjoy custom-designed speech therapy in our clinic in Royse City. We also create highly engaging therapy sessions to stimulate language development.

Occupational Therapy in Royse City

Are you looking for a fully-equipped occupational therapy in Royse City for your child? At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies center, we’ve got you covered. Whether your child has poor fine and gross motor skills affecting their everyday activities or strength and balance issues, we are here for you. Our occupational therapists are highly qualified to assess, evaluate and treat such conditions.

We create a tailor-made OT program for kids with developmental challenges and sensory processing complications. Understanding and treating these complications early helps your kids in their social life. As a result, they can do well in school. We build a conducive environment to help children learn new skills.

Our second-to-none occupational therapists in Royse City use various techniques that include games to help children build their strength. In our family-based occupational therapy center, we engage parents and caregivers to help kids practice fostering the skills learned when at home. Book an appointment with us for a comprehensive checkup and top-notch occupational and speech therapy services.

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