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It is essential to lay a firm foundation for your kids at an early stage. Any speech delays should be identified and the right action taken. Pediatric speech therapy is one of the primary ways you can help a child overcome language and fluency problems. You should go for the top speech pathologist in Plano for guaranteed positive results.

The Best Pediatric Speech & Language Pathologist near Plano

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we handle every case with the utmost care throughout the consultation, diagnosis, and treatment process.  We have walked the journey with parents and guardians who had searched the best speech-language pathologists near Plano, to no avail.

After several years of experience, our team leaves nothing to chance. We have all gone through the rigorous ASHA certification process and met all the requirements. Our children’s speech therapy services take into consideration the kid’s area of interest to make the process fun. Through the approach, we can guarantee a positive and noticeable impact after the first or second session.

Our speech therapy center for kids is located in a serene environment. Children enjoy the refreshing surrounding. Our core values are aimed at cultivating a safe and secure haven for children with speech challenges. We work in patience and compassion. After several years of working with other children and young adults, we fully understand the best speech therapy strategies.

Because we understand what misdiagnosis could mean to the baby and the family, we are careful to make the correct diagnosis. We also customize the speech and language therapy to the kid’s needs. For example, speech therapy for children with autism is quite different from ordinary speech delay.  We also give parents the best speech therapy activities for babies at home.

The Best Pediatric Speech & Language Pathologist near Plano

There should be consistency throughout the treatment period. That is why we give parents the best toddlers’ speech therapy exercise to use at home.
Toddler Pediatric Therapy
We start with simple activities and move gradually to more complex exercises. Apart from that, we use readily available tools. For instance, we can use the kid’s play toys like LEGOS to create a play structure. We can also use puzzles to build on the kid’s language and sound identification.
Apart from that, we can use play Doh activity to help the kid improve on dexterity and stability. These are essential skills in building the kid’s confidence and sense of expression. Flashcards are also a good tool in speech therapy for children because it improves their vocabulary. We also include motivation ideas like chewing candies to improve the child’s oral motor skills.
Frog hops while making sounds or saying words is also a good exercise for pediatric speech therapy. If you notice that a child has favorite words, try to incorporate similar words or syllables in the exercise. You can also use Guess Who games to develop the child’s ability to retain words after learning. It is also a good exercise to monitor the baby’s progress.
At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we take a kid through activities that help to develop articulation, language, and social skills.

Speech Therapy for Autism in Plano, TX

Unlike other conditions, speech delay in autism is quite different. Apart from the lack of responsiveness to language and sound, a child can also avoid eye contact. This does not only make it difficult to communicate effectively during the speech therapy sessions, but it can create a perception that the child has no interest. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Though children with autism may find it difficult to maintain eye contact, it does not show a lack of attention.

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we keep in mind what interests the kid. After that, we create speech therapy activities that will help the child improve without losing interest. Most children with autism have cognitive rigidity, therefore we establish consistency in activities they do.

Speech pathology for children with autism is also incorporated with occupational therapy. We seek a holistic approach to help the kid gain fine motor skills. Some level of independence in undertaking the day to day activities is also an essential aspect of the sessions.

Selecting a Reliable Speech Therapist

Getting the best pediatric speech pathologist in Plano can prove a hard nut to crack. However, there are a few factors you can put into consideration to get someone worth your resources. You can also rest assured there will be a positive impact on your kid’s speech development.

A) Experience and Certification

You should go for a speech therapy center that has all the necessary licenses to operate. The staff should meet the academic requirements of at least a master’s degree. ASHA also requires speech pathologists to undertake development courses for at least 30 hours every year. This ensures that the specialists keep up with the industry standards.

Pediatric speech therapists should also submit a compliance form yearly. You should ensure the pediatrician has met this threshold. Several years of practice also come in handy for your child’s progress. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we have a team of qualified and compliant speech therapists. The team is spread across our speech therapy centers in the Dallas area.

B) Professionalism and Passion

It requires the services of a compassionate speech therapist for your child to have an easy time during speech therapy sessions. Some values like patience and understanding should be at the heart of any speech pathologist. At times, children going through speech challenges can turn to frustration. The therapist should provide a shoulder to lean on and give regular compliments.

When it comes to passion, speech therapy is more of a calling and dedication. The pediatric speech and language pathologist should go beyond the sessions at their clinic. Follow-up sessions to assess the progress of the kid are essential. Apart from that, they should give the parent or guardian the best speech therapy exercises for kids at home.

If you have searched for speech therapy near me to no avail, consider these factors and give it another shot.

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