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Synaptic Pediatric Therapies in North Richland Hills.

Have you noted delayed speech for your kid? Feel free to book an appointment with us today for customized speech and occupational therapy.
Sometimes, children may require a little more help with speech development. Our pediatric therapy services in North Richland Hills, TX, are the best. Started with the Richland Hills community in mind, we create all-rounded speech and occupational therapy treatment specially designed for each child.
As a family-owned pediatric therapy center, we focus on using unique techniques for each kid to improve articulation, fluency and address other speech disorders. Our professional speech therapists understand communication is a big part of a child’s development. As a result, we endeavor to help children gain this skill and gain confidence in their daily activities and interactions.
Starting speech therapy early in a child’s life gives them a chance to experience better results and even overcome disorders. There are various reasons why a child would need speech therapy. Such include weak oral muscles, cognitive functions, and articulation problems, among others. We create highly interactive activities to help your child improve, stimulate language development, language skills, and strengthen muscles that aid in speaking.

Occupational Therapy for Children in North Richland Hills.​

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we have fully-equipped facilities to help children experiencing poor motor issues. We have trained occupational therapists in North Richlands Hills, TX, to assess, evaluate, and create a tailor-made program for your kid. Occupational therapy helps children to learn and improve functions both in schools and at home.
We know that each kid is unique; therefore, we create tailored therapy to suit their needs. The treatment consists of exercises and activities which build specific skills where a child is weak. We can incorporate self-care routines to help improve fine motor skills and motor planning.
Our occupational therapists in North Richlands Hills, TX, are dedicated to getting the best outcome for your child. Our multisensory techniques help improve coordination, making it easier for the kid to easily fit in school settings. Visit us today in North Richlands Hills, TX, for individualized treatment.

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