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If you are looking for the best pediatric occupational therapy clinic in Murphy, TX, Synaptic Pediatric Therapies have got you covered.

There is a reason why a degree in occupational therapy and licensing from the local regulators is a must. The assessment process for occupational therapists is rigorous. The professionals must pass the NBCOT before receiving licensure from the state of operation.

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, all our staff have met all the necessary thresholds to practice OT. Apart from that, we have years of experience working with various clients. Therefore, if you are after a pediatric occupational therapist in Murphy with a track record of excellence, you have the solution.

As a family-based OT center, we have worked together for years. Your kid will find a family where they can fit in easily. You can count on us for effective occupational therapy sessions in Murphy. We also offer OT activities for children at home to ensure consistency in the treatment process.

What We Do at Synaptic Pediatric Therapies near Murphy

Occupational therapy requires an environment that is not only fun but also free for the child. Most of our patients have low self-esteem due to the effects of the disorders on their activities. As an OT center in Murphy, we ensure the child finds a shoulder to lean on, and they can express their feelings.
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We also offer various services to ensure holistic development. Synaptic Pediatric Therapies has professionals that deal with occupational, speech, and language pathology. In most cases, disorders like autism affect both speech development and motor skills. This necessitates the use of speech and occupational therapists for treatment.
Our therapists have experience working with diverse patients. Whether the challenge results from disability, injury, or disorders, we have specialized treatment from our team. Our occupational therapists in Murphy have handled cases like autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, ADD, among others.

How to Know If My Child Needs Occupational Therapy

Parents and caregivers are some of the people who notice when a child requires some special attention. They can see a few things in a child, which may point to a need for an OT.

Unable to Focus

Have you seen your child struggling with the ability to focus on their homework? It could mean that your child needs our occupational therapist’s assistance. Remember, most children would have an issue with total focus when completing assignments.

However, children who get distracted by noises or movements can experience difficulty with their education. The lack of focus can be coupled with impulsivity, where they are unable to control words and emotions, often interrupting people.

Additionally, the child can exhibit overactivity where they are unable to stay still. They can also have trouble with attention even when they try hard and distractibility. When you visit our clinic, our OTS will help your child manage this condition. Combining various techniques such as allowing sensory breaks, using toys and products to ease a child’s stress, and others.

Affected Motor Skills

It is common for most kids to struggle with some tasks needing control, strength, and small hand muscle dexterity. However, children having issues with fine motor skills experience problems drawing, using utensils or scissors. Having developmental delays in this area can affect a child’s ability to write.

Additionally, children can experience problems with gross motor skills, which involve significant groups of muscles. As a result, children can have issues with balance, strength, coordination, and endurance. It affects their ability to hop, walk or climb down the stairs. To overcome these conditions and improve mobility, a child will need to go through occupational therapy.

Sensory Processing Troubles

Does your child seem to overreact to taste, touch, or smells? This overreaction could point to their need for occupational therapy. A child experiencing sensory processing problems can also have issues with under sensitivity. It keeps out sensation, and a child can walk around touching everything constantly.

Why Choose Synaptic Pediatric Therapies in Murphy

Once you realize that your child requires occupational therapy, it is good to settle for the best option available. Our leading occupational therapists in Murphy meet all the requirements.

Communication Skills

First, the OTs have impeccable communication skills. These skills allow them to communicate effectively with you and your child. We can convert tricky words into more straightforward language that a child can understand. Additionally, the OTs communicate the child’s progress to the parents after every visit.

Personal Skills

Our therapists understand that a patient’s composure and nature can change. For this reason, they can respond and deal with all these changes. They also change technique before the child becomes too irritable to achieve results.

We Make Therapy Visits Frequent

Occupational therapy entails repetition. The therapist will create a timetable for consistent visits to achieve the best treatment results. Additionally, children with severe conditions can require more time and visits.

Creative Treatment Approach

Occupational therapy for kids should feel like play as it will allow you to get more results. At Synaptic pediatric therapies, we offer unmatched and creative treatment techniques. You can reach out to us for the best occupational therapy in Murphy for your child.

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