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Mansfield, TX Pediatric Speech Therapy

If you need extra care for your child’s development in Mansfield, TX, Synaptic Pediatric Therapies has got you covered. We offer speech therapy that includes monitoring your child’s progress to give them a better start.
Our pediatric speech therapy clinic provides holistic family-friendly care to aid in speech development. If your child has a speech delay or disorder such as stuttering, expressive language disorder, or receptive language disorder, we offer the best care.
We have a team of fun and friendly speech delay therapists near Mansfield, TX. We use varying techniques to address these problems. Kids with autism or dyslexia can also benefit from our therapy services.

Pediatric Speech Therapy in Mansfield, TX

As licensed speech therapists, we look at your child’s strengths and weaknesses to establish the best treatment. Once we identify their weak areas, we create a program tailored to help them improve. If they have weak muscles around the mouth, we design exercises that help jaw and muscle strengthening.
Our objective is to help kids improve their ability to express themselves fluently as they gain practical social skills. Through our speech-occupational therapy activities in Mansfield, TX, children gain independence and self-esteem, making interactions easier.
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Addressing a child’s speech problems early is crucial to their overall development. Our speech therapists help children achieve school readiness skills ensuring they do not miss critical concepts in their studies. They also gain better abilities for language use, helping them communicate with ease.
We also help you as a parent with information and fun exercises to practice with the child to improve their skills. Contact us today and book an assessment appointment for your child to start the healing journey.

How to Know If Your Child Needs Speech Therapy

While every child learns at their own pace, some may need a little more help to get on the right track. There are some errors or issues that you may notice with your child, pointing to a need for speech-language pathologists. These signs are subtle but noticeable. Some of these include:

Articulation Disorders

Articulation disorder refers to someone’s inability to correctly form some word sounds. If your child has this disorder, you may notice they swap, drop, distorts, or adds certain word sounds. For example, they may pronounce ‘run’ as ‘won.’ A common condition in this category is a lisp where a child can pronounce ‘this’ as ‘thith.’

Fluency Disorders

Have you noticed a change in your child’s speed, flow, and speech rhythm? That is referred to as a fluency disorder. Cluttering and stuttering are some examples of this condition. Children with a stuttering condition often experience trouble getting out words or sounds. They may have blocked or interrupted speech where they repeat words. Cluttering condition shows through fast speech, often merging words.

Language Disorders

Kids are born ready to learn the language spoken in their family and community. It may take time to learn the language, and the milestones differ from one child to another. Generally, it is normal for developing kids to experience trouble with certain sounds, sentences, or words as they learn a language.

By the age of 5, many children can comfortably use language. However, some children may struggle with understanding or being understood. This issue causes them to miss important developmental milestones. As a result, they require some help to overcome the condition.

Aphasia or auditory processing disorder are some of the conditions associated with this disorder. If you have noticed such delays in your child, you can visit our speech therapy center in Mansfield, TX, for a thorough examination. We will also work with your child through fun games and activities to help them improve.

Resonance Disorder

Resonance is also referred to as voice disorder. Kids who struggle with being understood may often have voice disorders. The kid can begin a sentence loudly but finish it with mumbling, or they become quiet. At Synaptic pediatric speech therapy in Mansfield, TX, we work with such kids to help them express themselves.

What Happens in Speech Therapy?

Speech therapy for children is crucial in building a proper foundation. Children become more confident and engaged in school work if their communication skills increase. When you visit our clinic, we will perform an examination to determine the condition and its severity.

The speech therapy test will involve asking children to say certain words or sounds. This test allows the therapist to create a working treatment plant. Apart from conducting the test, the speech-language therapist will discuss with you the treatment goals while setting timelines.

Treatment duration can be long or short, depending on the child’s condition and response to treatment. At Synaptic speech therapy center in Mansfield, TX, we create a tailor-made treatment plan to help your child improve their communication skills.

We also engage the parents and caregivers by giving them exercises to perform with the kid to help in the recovery journey. Talk to us today.

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