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Your kid is exceptional, and their needs are one of a kind. That is the reason we provide an amazing team of therapists that can meet you right where you are and offer you responses to your inquiries concerning your young one’s particular difficulties. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies in Arlington, we work with you to set targets for your youngster and we work with you to see those targets accomplished as fast as could reasonably be expected. This location serves e Arlington area along with the surrounding areas including, but not limited to, Hurst, Haltom city, Grand Prairie, and Irving.
Our Synaptic Pediatric Therapies team works with every kid and their families by offering parents/guardians and other caregivers with the instructions and methods required to partake in the treatment procedure. All Together, we can:
children occupational Therapy

What We Do at Synaptic Pediatric Therapies near Mansfield

Kids can also face gross motor skills problems involving larger muscles that control movement. In such cases, children may require more help to build their strength. Our pediatric occupational therapy services are designed to deal with these dynamics. Our OT specialists create a fun-filled and friendly environment with exercises geared to help the kids.

Children Occupational Therapy

For children struggling with fine motor skills, we create exercises to help them gain muscle strength to perform those actions. If you have noticed your child has a challenge holding a pencil, using zippers, poor handwriting, or failing to develop dominance, we have the best OT.

We understand that children are different, and they develop at differing paces. However, there are cases where you will notice delayed oral-motor or oral-sensory skills development. This can affect the lips, jaw, tongue, or palate, leading to excessive drooling and other symptoms.

Our certified occupational therapists for children set goals and create a personalized program to help address the condition. We ensure that the kids are looking forward to the next session. Reach out to us today and book an assessment session to help your child reach their full potential.


Are you looking for occupational therapy for children in Mansfield, TX? Look no further than Synaptic Pediatric Therapies.

Some children experience difficulties with day to day activities at home, school, and society in general. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we have experts who help identify these cases in kids early and advise on their management. Our skilled occupational therapists in Mansfield help you and your child through these difficult areas to give them independence.
Identifying issues such as developmental delay in children are crucial to helping kids meet important milestones at the right time. Issues such as delayed sitting, walking, crawling, playing, and socializing skills can worry parents.
However, our experienced occupational therapists have dealt with a variety of such issues. We create a unique treatment program for each child to equip them with fine motor skills and put them on the right track.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy

A child’s early years are crucial to social, cognitive, and physical development. During this phase, their brains evolve to allow various functions. Some children can experience restricted progression or delayed development. Choosing pediatric occupational therapy in Mansfield helps your child receive the necessary support to attain desired growth. Children benefit in various ways.

Better at Following Routine

We repeat various tasks during the day. When you engage your child in physical therapy, they follow routine successfully. They can brush their teeth, draw, dress, and write effectively as therapy continues. OT helps create independence.

Improved Sensory Processing

If your child suffers from sensory processing conditions, they can have issues integrating information from the five senses. They may have an issue with oversensitivity, under sensitivity, or experience both of them in varying degrees.

When they work with our qualified occupational therapists in Mansfield, they learn to regulate their sensory nerves. Children unable to play or walk by themselves improve and become better with time.

Increased Motor Development

Kids without well-developed fine motor skills experience problems manipulating toys, inability to hold a pencil, poor handwriting, unable to color, and many other issues. Children with gross motor skills problems can have issues going up and downstairs, inability to sit at the appropriate age, issues with coordination, and poor balance.

Children can also have visual processing issues where they can be unable to space or sizing letters, recognize letters, finding objects, recognize left or right, among others. Engaging our OT services helps your child learn these skills. They become better with balance, visual processing, and better fine and gross motor skills.

At the center, we use play to help children with delayed development. Kids who are unable to initiate play and unable to understand social concepts become improve. They become able to explore with toys, participate in various activities, and gain skills to help them quickly switch from one activity to the other.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy in Mansfield

Our OTs tailor each treatment program to suit each child’s needs. It enhances development and improves social and cognitive skills helping them to fit perfectly in a classroom and the community. Parents and caregivers also experience relief knowing that the issues can be addressed. Talk to our top-of-the-line occupational therapists at the Synaptic pediatric center today.

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