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Speech and Occupational Therapy in Irving, TX

A lot of a child’s development happens in the first 3 years. As they get exposed to new experiences and simulations, they experience cognitive, social, and physical growth. However, some children can experience delays necessitating additional care.

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we provide speech and occupational therapy for kids in Irving, TX. If your child is experiencing speech delays or disorders such as stuttering, expressive language disorder, and many others, we have the best team. We have family-friendly pediatric speech and occupational therapists.

Our treatment plan helps children achieve independence. If your child struggles in social settings, our occupational therapists will work with them to build critical social skills. As a result, they can enjoy school and socialize with other kids. In cases where they have trouble completing certain tasks, our certified occupational therapists will help them learn self-care skills using various techniques.

Why Choose our Occupational and Speech Therapists in Irving, Tx

If you are having trouble looking for speech and occupational therapists near me, we’ve got you covered. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we are a family-owned facility providing our patients with the best care in Irving. There are various reasons for you to choose our services.

Comprehensive Evaluation

When you bring your child to us, we provide a comprehensive evaluation before we start the treatment. First, we understand your child’s medical history by looking at their records. If there are any gaps, we ask important questions to help fill them up. It allows us to know if there are any precautions that we should take during the course of the treatment.

Our certified therapists in Irving, TX will then evaluate the kid. If you are seeking occupational therapy, we look at the child’s range of motion, balance, strength, presence of pain, and ability to perform small tasks. For example, a therapist can request a child to button or unbutton a shirt. Children with fine motor skills challenges find it hard to maneuver such a task.

For speech therapy, our therapists can assess a child’s oral muscles. Some children struggle with speech if they have a weak jaw. They can also ask children to pronounce certain words and sounds. The results of the exercise inform the speech-language pathologist on the best way to proceed with treatment.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Our treatment philosophy is guided by goal setting. All our top-notch therapists create goals for their patients. They divide these goals into short and long-term. The goals are measurable and should be achieved within a specific time. For example, if a child has an articulation problem, by the end of the treatment, they should be able to pronounce the words they couldn’t.

If it is occupational therapy, children with problematic social skills should be able to interact well in the playground. To achieve such goals, our healthcare level therapists teach the kids effective skills.

Comprehensive Treatment Plan

Synaptic therapists do not stop at a comprehensive evaluation. We also create a custom-designed treatment plan for your child. Our therapists outline the treatment approach and exercise required. For example, if your child stutters, the therapist creates a plan which starts by identifying the triggers. Then, they teach your child how to recognize the triggers and to gain composure to achieve fluent speech.

For occupational therapy, the therapists can create an exercise to help build fine motor skills if they have a problem. if your child struggles going up and down the stairs or kicking a ball, they may have issues with gross motor skills. Our OT in Irving, TX introduces fun and engaging exercises to build these skills.

Speech and Occupational Therapy for Kids and Young Adults

We have licensed speech and occupational therapists in Irving, Tx that deal with children from 0 to 20 years. If your toddler or teen is having challenges, we are here for you. Our well-equipped clinic can handle patients with downs syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, pervasive developmental disorder or PDD, speech delay, ADD, or AHD.

We help children gain improved fine motor coordination and help them build their strength. Our therapists use a wide range of treatment techniques. They are always improving their skills by taking courses and attending seminars to stay updated on the best treatment methods.

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Having a child with special needs can be a challenge in knowing which medical practitioners to trust. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we give the best care possible. Call us today to book an appointment with our top speech and occupational therapists.

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