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Are you looking for an occupational therapy specialist for your child? Our Arlington location is within 5 miles from Irving.

Occupational Therapy near Irving, TX

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are over 133,000 occupational therapists in the USA. Out of that number, the majority are pediatric OT understandably because children require the utmost care to grow in stature and mind.
If you are looking for OT centers near me, we are located in Arlington. We are the best occupational therapists near Irving. Over the years, we have worked with parents/guardians to help their children navigate their challenges and come out victorious.
Occupational therapy is one of the ways you can support the holistic development of your newborn. At Synaptic Pediatric in Arlington, we employ our extensive experience to help children overcome cognitive, motor, and sensory challenges.
With our OT for kids, we guarantee an improvement in everyday tasks. Our target location is within our team’s reach, thus creating an easy follow-up program. Apart from that, we also offer occupational therapy for autism in Irving to help parents interact with their kids effectively.
We have a responsive team that comes to your service once you inquire. Over the years, we have done targeted treatment to enhance children’s wellbeing.

Does my Child Need Pediatric Occupational Therapy?

For most parents, it is never clear whether their babies require pediatric OT. But some pointers can indicate a challenge that calls for the intervention of a therapist. Here are some of them:

Synaptic Pediatric Therapy is your number one aide in case you have noticed any of the above problems. Our pediatric occupational therapists have handled similar cases over the years. As a renowned OT center for toddlers, we understand how children are delicate and the necessary activities to help them improve.

child who needs a Occupational Therapy

Benefits of Seeking Occupational Therapy

Pediatric OT in Irving improves a child’s quality of life. The therapy sessions do not only help them overcome physical challenges like delayed motor skills but also work on the psychological impact. Children and young adults appreciate that someone is there for them through the process.

The emotional benefits accrued from kids’ OT in Irving include boosting creativity, overcoming anxieties, and living in confidence. The children and young adults understand who they are and work towards overcoming the challenges.

Infant occupational therapists monitor the growth and development patterns of the child and advice parents accordingly. Through the strategy, parents can know how they can help their babies improve.

How to Find an Occupational Therapy in Irving?

The aim of OT for babies in Irving is to make them independent. The treatment helps to curb a potential problem at an early stage. The treatment process can be done at home, school, or in the hospital. Our Arlington center is always open to all children. But how do you find the best occupational therapy in Irving?


A child that requires the services of an OT means they are already going through a problem. Therefore, you should consider a center that is close to your location. Synaptic Pediatric Therapies is located just 5 miles from Irving. You can easily access the services from your neighborhood.

Licensing & Certification

Apart from knowing where you should find OT for your infant, you should also consider the necessary licenses to operate. American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) issues the necessary licenses. As Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we have passed all the rigorous requirements to operate in Dallas.

Our team of staff is also comprised of qualified occupational therapists based near Irving and its neighborhood. We boast extensive knowledge in handling various conditions. It is always our joy to see children who have gone through our hands live a complete life.


Considering the sensitivity of kids that require occupational therapy in Irving, it is essential to pick experienced personnel. Our team has at least five years of experience working in a similar field. This gives you a guarantee that you are working with the industry crème de la crème.

The extensive experience has given our team diverse knowledge of the best activities for each challenge. We know the right strategy to help children through the process. Synaptic Pediatric Therapies applies customized treatment mechanism for each child to facilitate fast recovery.

The Best Pediatric Occupational Therapy near Irving

There is a reason why parents opt for Synaptic Pediatric Therapies over other centers. First, we offer specialized remedies for any conditions for kids and young adults. Our specialization gives us masterly and authority in what we do.

Second, parents/guardians have seen the results of what we do. In case your child has a challenge in their development, we take them through assessment and identify the areas that require assistance. Our young adult OT services in Irving help our clients regain their confidence and self-esteem.

Apart from correcting the physical aspect of the condition, we go deeper into addressing the psychological impact. Through this, you are sure of complete recovery physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We also have guiding principles in our service delivery to our clients in Irving and beyond. Our belief that every child is capable of excellence is our driving force to the occupational therapy call. Therefore, we strive to achieve nothing less of the best for your kid.

We have received many positive occupational therapy reviews from parents in Irving. This is evidence enough of the impact we make on the lives of children we touch. You can rest assured that every exercise or activity we engage your kid in is aimed at reconnecting them with a fulfilling life.

Occupational Therapy near Irving, TX

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