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Synaptic Pediatric Therapies has a passionate, compassionate, and committed team of customer service. Their dedication is conspicuous throughout the consultation process.

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Language disorders are also treated in speech therapy centers. When a child has difficulty understanding language, questions, gestures, objects, and pictures, speech therapy for kids is the best solution. Children finding difficulty communicating in social settings can also benefit from this service. Therapy also helps to boost their confidence and self-esteem. It can be overwhelming when children realize they can’t communicate as effectively as their peers.
Pediatric speech therapy is a treatment given to children with slow or delayed language or fluency development. Speech disorders can be in the form of articulation, fluency, or resonance. When a child struggles with making sounds or pronouncing certain syllables it is referred to as an articulation problem.  Fluency disorders manifest as speech interruptions such as stuttering. Resonance, on the other hand, has to do with voice quality, pitch, and volume.
Speech therapy also solves cognitive-communication disorders when the cognition process is disrupted in the process hindering speech. Therapy also covers apraxia related problems when the muscles required to make speech have problems. Our speech therapy activities for kids are aimed at helping them improve in week areas. We use fun games and exercise that children find interesting. For consistency, we help parents with speech therapy techniques for children at home. We customize the activities to what matters to the family and the kid.
At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we provide the best speech therapy for kids in Grand Prairie. The therapy provided covers speech and language and motor disorders. Our offices are located near Grand Prairies, Texas. Children who have speech-related disorders within this area can get the help they require at our speech and language therapy clinic. We are located a few miles from your neighborhood for easy access. Children can also interact with others who have a similar challenge within the locality.

Pediatric Speech Therapy Techniques for Toddlers

The speech therapy services offered at our clinic cover all the occupational skills required for communication mastery. The techniques used are effective for toddlers and meet the requirements of the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). Aside from professionalism, each technique is customized to suit the child’s needs. The activities utilized are age-specific and familiar to the child.
Speech therapy for kids requires a hands-on approach. It is through constant communication and activity that a child will learn to speak and to communicate effectively. Speech therapy constitutes of play and meaningful activities. Play is fun and enables the child to achieve the goal of the therapy in a relaxed setting. Play songs, games, and toys are a few of the instruments used during playtime.
Once the baby masters a word or sound, it is advisable to do it repetitively. Once it sticks, you can introduce other relevant sounds or words. For example, if a child identifies the sound of a cat and they can identify it, you should guide them to understand similar sounds. You should avoid the use of examples the baby is not familiar with.
Toddler Pediatric Therapy
Meaningful activity, on the other hand, is the technique employed to reinforce skills. One meaningful activity employed in speech therapy for toddlers is sounding simple words. The words usually have a vowel and consonants. Toddlers respond with ease to these simple words. In the process, the toddler is motivated to speak.
The use of images can also be a good way to learn new words and sounds. For children in the cognitive stage, you can use old magazine cut-outs to learn new words. You can group the images in categories like animals, foods, stationery, etc. Let the kid undertake the cutting because it also improves their motor skills.

Home Pediatric Speech Therapy in Grand Prairie

A perfect solution for moving to and from home for therapy sessions is now available through the home-based pediatric speech therapy package. The services are offered for people living within the Dallas area. In this package, therapy sessions are conducted at the client’s place of residence.  First, we assess your kid’s condition and identify the most ideal speech therapy regiment.

The speech therapist for kids conducts the sessions at the client’s home. Learning in a familiar environment will be beneficial for the child because they are already accustomed to the surroundings. The stress of moving is also reduced significantly. Apart from that, the parent or guardian saves on time and cost of traveling from one town to another.

Home-based speech therapy also makes it easy to identify what interests the child. They can also get support from other family members more easily. We also do our best to custom pediatric speech therapy activities to locally available materials. Through this, it is easy for the family to continuously engage in speech development exercises.

Some of the ideas we use include puzzles, physical exercise, day to day activities, and games. We try to incorporate diverse activities to eliminate any monotony. Children get bored by repetition and their interest can go down with time. We use a gradual approach to help children develop their speech; from simple words, sounds, or syllables to complex ones. We also do regular assessments with the parent or guardian to see areas that require more effort.

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A child does not have to miss important milestones because of disorders that can be undone with good speech therapy.  Get excellent professional speech therapy services from within the Grand Prairies region. Reach us and begin the journey that guarantees excellence in eliminating speech disorders.  

We have a team of diverse speech therapists. Our team has worked with children that require speech and language therapy for years. We have tested various techniques and we know what works best for each condition. Once we assess the condition of your child, we create customized speech therapy activities that you can also use at home.

Synaptic Pediatric Therapies has a passionate, compassionate, and committed team of customer service. Their dedication is conspicuous throughout the consultation process. This gives you an assurance of an easy time creating a friendship with your kid because this is the first stage in the process of speech therapy.

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