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We are considerate of your needs and that of the child and prioritize your values in the intervention plan. The goal of every session is to bring out a child that is healthy emotionally, socially, and physically.

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A pediatric speech-language pathologist is an expert in treating communication and swallowing difficulties in children. The specialist develops therapeutic interventions for speech, sound, and fluency disorders. The language pathologist also deals with pragmatic language and cognitive communications disorders. They also treat childhood apraxia of speech.
A speech pathologist not only treats communication and swallowing problems but also identifies the underlying cause of the problem. A child may have speech problems because of hindrances between the brain and speech muscles. Hearing inabilities because of ear infections or impairment can also affect a child’s speech and language skills. Kids can also struggle with speech and language development because of an accent. Other contributing factors could be developmental such as autism or genetic disorders like Down syndrome.
Regardless of the cause, a pediatric speech pathologist can assess and decipher speech and language disorders. Testing for disorders involves analyzing lip, jaw, and tongue movements. Children with speech disorders tend to have language disorders, as well. The speech-language therapist also treats socialcommunication disorders.
A child having a hard time communicating with others may have this condition. The child struggles with peer interactions, asking questions, greeting people, or following social communication rules.
The speech specialist comes up with the right ways to address the spectrum of problems present. Aside from socialization difficulties, a child may struggle with the cognitive aspect of communication. Cognitive disorders manifest as a lack of attention thought disorganization, and planning. A speech therapist assists the child in regaining their cognitive skill through meaningful activity.

The pediatric language pathologist also handles swallowing disorders. A child with swallowing problems may not get all the nutrients required for growth and development. The speech therapist comes up with the required therapeutic intervention for the child after a thorough analysis. The solution is always perfect for the child.
Synaptic Pediatric Therapies has a team of pediatric speech therapists ready to handle any speech and language-related disorders. Our speech and language therapy clinic in Garland has established tried and tested ways of treating children and young adults. We strive to help your child excel in their skill so that they can communicate effectively.

Delayed Speech? Consult Language & Speech Therapists

The moment your child utters the first word is unforgettable.  It is an anticipated milestone for most caregivers. However, not every child achieves this milestone at the set time. The time variation is normal. Some children begin to speak early while others take some time.
It is important to understand that there is a difference between language delay and speech delay in children. For language delay, the child says the right words but is incapable of joining more than two correct words. On the other hand, for speech delay, the child uses words and phrases that are difficult to understand.
Speech delay can occur because of oral-motor problems. The area of the brain responsible for speech may have a problem. The challenge interferes with the child’s ability to coordinate their lips, tongue, and jaw to make sounds. With this problem, the child will also have difficulty feeding.
Speech delay can also occur because of an oral impairment in the tongue or palate. The problem can also stem from a fold under the tongue which limits its movement. Additionally, hearing problems may also cause speech delays in children.
There are telltale signs that indicate speech delays for children in every age. It is vital to understand these indicators to avoid confusing a late manifestation of a milestone with speech delay.
Similarly, consult a speech and language therapist if your child prefers to use gestures instead of vocalization or has trouble imitating sounds by the eighteenth month.
See a pediatric therapist when your two-year-old is having difficulty producing words and only imitates speech and action.

A child, for instance, should be able to use gestures like pointing and waving by the twelfth month. You should consult a speech therapist in Garland if the milestone is not achieved.

A speech therapist assesses the child’s speech and language ability. Through tests and milestone progress, the specialist ascertains findings and comes up with suitable speech and language therapy exercises.
The case applies if the child has difficulty expressing their needs or cannot follow simple instructions. By the second year, you should understand half the amount of words the child makes. The level of understanding goes up by year three and four.

Toddlers Speech Therapy Ideas at Home

There are simple activities that you can perform at home to help your child develop their speech and language skills. The first step is to identify the child’s speech and language errors. Consult the child’s speech therapist to properly identify these areas.  Pick a struggle that the child has and resolve to work on it.
You can also use flashcards with words that have problematic sounds to rectify the problem. Most importantly, choose activities that interest the kid.
If the child likes a character in a movie, you can incorporate words with the character as a participant to stimulate interest.
Include games, songs, and activities to help with memorization. Make the therapy process fun with toys and rewards that foster skill improvement. A simple frog hop game is both meaningful activity and intervention. The child can jump while sounding the word to help them foster the skill.
Include rewards that improve the child’s skills. Your child will take great pleasure in chewing candy as a reward while at the same time polishing their motor skills. Work on their coordination by singing songs with fun routines. The song can have words that the child has difficulty pronouncing. Include therapy with everyday activities like brushing teeth or tying shoelaces.

Why Synaptic Pediatric Speech Therapies Stands Out

Our language therapy clinic stands out because we use a holistic approach to treatment. The rate of success experienced reflects our impeccable approach in service delivery. We ensure excellence in research, planning, and implementation of therapeutic intervention. Not only do we offer customized speech therapy services for kids, but also build a strong support team that focuses on ensuring your child succeeds.

We are considerate of your needs and that of the child and prioritize your values in the intervention plan. The goal of every session is to bring out a child that is healthy emotionally, socially, and physically.

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