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Pediatric occupational therapy is a targeted treatment that improves a child’s social, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It is a part of health care that helps children with health challenges live their lives to the fullest. Treatment is administered utilizing activity.
Occupational therapy helps kids carry out basic tasks without restrain. Injuries, pain, sickness, and disease hinder kids from doing day-to-day tasks. Occupational therapy for kids promotes health through meaningful activity and interventions designed to produce functional outcomes.
For a child, daily activities include schoolwork, play, socialization, and simple everyday tasks. Activities like tying shoelaces and zipping a coat are challenging with a disability, pain, or injury. It is near impossible to read and write or participate in extra-curricular activities with an impediment.
Pediatric occupational therapy is vital in removing social, emotional, and physical barriers. It refines the child’s gross motor skills, cognitive ability, sensory processing, and self-care ability. Through it, your child regains independence and builds up their self-confidence.
An occupational therapist is the main player behind the therapy sessions. The therapist helps the child to adapt, manage, and overcome setbacks. The specialist not only sets up therapeutic intervention but also analyses the underlying issue causing the inability.
Synaptic Pediatric Therapies provides the best occupational therapy in Garland, TX. Our practice has seasoned occupational therapists ready to help kids excel in life. OT for infants, toddlers, older children, and young adults is available near you. d can live up to their full potential. Our treatment strategies are derived from informed planning and implementation to produce successful outcomes. Your child will thrive under our wings.
What makes us stand out in occupational therapy is our holistic treatment approach. Our team of experts works together to establish the best interventions for your child. We also form compassionate bonds with your kid to meet their needs. We esteem your values and incorporate them into the occupational therapy sessions. As a parent or guardian, we give you the best OT exercises for children at home.
Additionally, we adhere to the principles and ethics set by the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA). With us, your chil

Does My Child Need Kids’ Occupational Therapy?

Illness, pain, injury, and disease interfere with the child’s cognitive, psychosocial, emotional, and motor skills. The outcome is manifested as inabilities, which can be overcome through occupational therapy.
If you notice your child is struggling to perform self-care tasks like dressing and cleaning, there may be a problem. The child may find it difficult to use simple tools like a pair of scissors or coordinate their hand and eye movements. Loss of motor skills also affects your child’s ability to control devices or throw and catch objects.
Does your child have a hard time processing their sensory input? Sensory processing issues occur when the child is sensitive to information acquired from sight, smell, touch, and sound. The problem manifests as hypersensitivity, under sensitivity, or a mixture of both extremes.
Hypersensitivity causes the child to avoid the stimulus. The child becomes overwhelmed by dim light, low noise, or textures. On the other hand, under sensitivity causes the child to crave for an excess of the stimulus. The exposure triggers impulsive outbursts. If your child becomes frenzied and cannot calm down because of sensory input, consult your occupational therapist.
Exposure to the stimuli results in sensory overload and causes the child to have a sensory meltdown. A sensory meltdown is not the same as a tantrum. A tantrum is a response requiring attention, while sensory meltdown stems from the inability to interpret stimuli
Cognition inabilities, on the other hand, affect the child’s learning skills and sensory processing.

When your child’s cognition is involved, their ability to pay attention, make decisions, solve problems is hindered. The child lacks safety awareness and struggles with memorizing information. The complexity of cognitive skills varies and increases with age too. Observing your child’s cognitive milestone can help shed light on their cognitive health.

Psychosocial issues manifest as an inability to interact because of problems in the social environment. Triggers in the social environment affect your child’s ability to reason, concentrate, manage stress, and socialize.
If your child manifests any of these indicators, it is crucial to consult an occupational therapist for kids near Garland. Do not delay because the inability may persist to later years.

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The possibilities are endless for your child with occupational therapy. Your child gains so much more than just a solution for their inabilities. Occupational therapy for kids provides an all-rounded intervention making better your child’s emotional, social, and physical needs.

Without it, your child may have to forebear with the inabilities for life. Occupational therapists want children to excel and pursue a life of excellence and independence. Nobody should go through life with the fear of inability. Take the limits of sickness, injury, or pain by choosing the best intervention for your child. The solution is a phone call away and guarantees to work. Get in touch with our team and begin a journey of total healing today.  

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