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The minimum qualification for an occupational therapist is a master’s degree. Understandably so, because of the sensitivity of the patients who require the services. Children occupational therapists in Fort Worth require further skills development to keep up with the industry standards and ASHA requirements. 

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies near Fort Worth, we work in tandem with parents and guardians to help children achieve basic independence. We assist the children in learning how to feed on their own, play with peers, and improve motor skills. We partner with other stakeholders in the industry, like schools and care centers, to cater to the wellbeing of kids and young adults.

We ask several questions before recommending any occupational therapy techniques at home. What matters to the child and the guardian or parent? How difficult or easy is it easy to learn the activity? What is the age of the kid? These questions are essential in recommending the right OT activities.

 Synaptic Pediatric Therapies is located near Fort Worth. This makes it easy to access and do follow up sessions. Apart from that, an OT center near Fort Worth reduces your cost and the time you spend traveling. Our serene environment also creates an ideal environment for the learning process.

We customize our OT to the child’s needs. That is why we do a comprehensive assessment of the level and type of challenge. We also help the parent or guardian with the best occupational therapy activities for children at home.

Different Types of OT for Kid

Pediatric occupational therapy aims at helping children undertake their day to day activities with optimum independence. Whether delayed or slow development is due to accident, disability, or illness, OT for kids should identify areas of target and custom activities to help the child improve.

Occupational therapy should help the child perform activities like feeding, dressing, brushing their teeth, walking, crawling, or drawing. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we work with pediatric occupational therapists’ different categories to identify an ideal regimen for each child.

Occupational therapy involves fun exercises and activities that help the child fine-tune the weak area. For example, a child who has poor handwriting means they require exercises that target their multi sensory skills. On the other hand, if a kid loses concentration after a short period, physical activities that put off distraction can help.

Pediatric Occupational Therapy Resources in Fort Worth

The internet has brought information close to us. You can access helpful resources online. Videos, journals, and blog posts can be a great source of pediatric occupational therapy ideas. However, these should not substitute consultation from your kid’s pediatrician or other professional resources. You should not do diagnosis or assessment through online content.

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we use digital resources as supplementary remedies to the physical examination. You can get ideas on the best OT activities for children at home through the help we give. Apart from that, you will learn how to collaborate with our occupational therapy center near Fort Worth.

The resources we provide are to help you monitor your baby for any challenges that may require a children’s occupational therapist’s intervention. You should also select activities that are interesting to the kid. Your area of interest is a powerful guideline for the activities you choose.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Local OT

It is advisable to do a thorough search before settling for any pediatric therapy near Fort Worth. It would be best if you focused on their qualification, previous client experiences, certification, and closeness to your locality, among others. To ensure you get the best OT centers, here are some of these factors in detail


ASHA has a rigorous certification process before giving the go-ahead to practice occupational therapy. The profession also requires a master’s degree in relevant discipline. Education is not enough if it can’t be used in a practical environment. Therefore, for any occupational therapist to remain compliant with the governing body requirements, one must commit at least 30 hours of skills development annually.

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we have a team of qualified and ASHA certified professionals. We have also met the local authorities’ threshold and even surpassed. Therefore, we can guarantee positive results once you entrust your child to us. We also give you proven OT techniques for children at home.

2.Close Proximity

In most cases, children that require occupational therapy are quite sensitive. Considering this factor, it is crucial to choose an OT clinic near Fort Worth. Through this, you do not only save on money but also time spent traveling. The synaptic Pediatric Therapies center is located just a few miles from Fort Worth. You can easily access the clinic from your neighborhood. It is also easy for our therapists to make follow-up sessions to assess the progress of your kid.

3.Previous Experiences

You should get testimonials and customer reviews from previous clients before settling for any OT center in Fort Worth. Over the years, we have helped many children gain considerable to full independence in undertaking their day to day activities.

Apart from that, we have a team that has extensive knowledge of occupational therapy for kids. All our team members have several years of experience in specialized areas. Therefore, we guarantee the right results for any condition that requires occupational therapy services.

4.Compassionate Care

Unlike most professions, occupational therapy is more of a calling. It requires patience, passion, and commitment to help children. Therefore, the occupational therapist you choose should not only help the child improve physically, but they should also help them psychologically. To boost the kid’s confidence, the children’s occupational therapist should motivate them.

Patience is an integral part of OT for babies. The child has already gone through enough frustration trying to master the basics. Therefore, they should find solace in an occupational therapy clinic. The therapist should not show frustration when they have to repeat the same thing a thousand times. Showing the child you have confidence in their ability should be a way of life for pediatric occupational therapists.

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