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Are you worried about your child’s speech development? At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies center, we understand the worry about your kid’s wellbeing and subsequent school performance. Once you spot any worrying patterns in speech development, such as delay in speech or disorders, you should consult a professional.

Our speech therapists in Farmers Branch will assess your child’s speech pattern for a diagnosis. Additionally, we work with parents to determine the best strategies for dealing with the problem. Our therapists understand that kids can get overwhelmed. As a result, we breakdown therapy sessions into manageable steps to keep them engaged.

Problems such as stuttering or slurring speech could be causes of unidentified deformity or injury. Therefore, our professional speech-language pathologist can also search for physiological issues contributing to the condition. We can also suggest additional exercises to perform at home to help address the disorders.

Synaptic Pediatric Therapies Center – Farmers Branch Speech Therapy

A good speech therapist knows there is no one-remedy-fits-all in treatment. Therefore, our therapists create a tailored program to address your child’s unique problem. For example, a child having trouble articulating certain sounds will have a different approach from having voice disorders.

The treatment objective is to help the child improve speech and gain practical social skills. You can identify conditions such as weak muscles around the mouth if a kid has difficulty eating, swallowing, or keep drooling.

Our speech-language pathologist helps treat receptive, expressive, and pragmatic language problems. As licensed speech therapists in Farmers Branch, TX, we use various techniques to treat these conditions.

According to studies, kids with delayed speech and language disorders benefit more from speech therapy when it starts early. We understand that speech therapy is not a quick fix. We give you exercises for kids to do at home and provide guidance if obstacles arise. With guidance at our speech therapy center in Farmers Branch, you will see improvement in your child.

How Speech Therapy Works

Speech-language pathologists identify the problem your child has. They also assess the cause of the problem and create the best treatment plan. Treatment can entail one-on-one sessions or small groups. There are many skill areas that our professional speech-language therapists can help your child improve. 

Speech Intelligibility/ Articulation Skills

Articulation is the ability to move the articulators, which are jaws, tongue, lips, and palate, to produce phonemes or speech sounds. Children start developing speech skills from birth. Intelligibility refers to people understanding your child’s speech. When articulation is affected, intelligibility is also compromised.

Since speech starts developing from birth, a speech-language pathologist can work with your child if they have speech delays. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies center, we help children learn how to produce specific speech sounds and patterns, thus increasing articulation.

Receptive Language/Listening Skills

The ability for your child to listen and understand language is known as receptive language. Children have strong receptive language skills than expressive (what they say) skills. At our speech therapy clinic near Farmers Branch, we will teach your child how to use those skills, answer questions, follow directions, and communicate with others.

Speech Fluency/Stuttering

Stuttering affects fluency, and it is a communication disorder. This condition begins in childhood, and disfluencies or breaks in speech flow are the primary characteristics. It is okay for people to experience disfluencies. However, when they are too many, it affects one’s ability to communicate.

Children with disorders mostly exhibit repetitions, prolongations, blocks, and interjections. One can also exhibit secondary behavior such as tensions on the neck, face, shoulder, jaw, chest, and nose flinching. As your child continuously works with our SLP, they learn how to control these movements and improve fluency.

Voice and Resonance

There are voice conditions that affect vocal folds that give us a voice. Such include vocal cord paralysis, polyps or nodules on the vocal folds, and disorders that can cause hoarseness or loss of voice. Resonance refers to voice quality. It is determined by a balance of sound vibration in the nasal, oral, pharyngeal cavities when speaking.

If there is an obstruction in one of those cavities, it can lead to abnormal resonance. Children often experience voice hoarseness due to screaming, coughing, and throat clearing. Working with speech pathologists helps kids reduce these habits and repair the affected vocal folds.

Expressive Language Skills

What your child says is referred to as expressive language skills. When your child works with our SLP, they learn new words to help express themselves. They also understand how to put those new words into phrases and sentences to improve communication with other people.

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Apart from the indicated skill areas, our speech-language pathologists work with children in Farmers Branch with all kinds of speech problems. We create an individualized treatment and maintain consistency to achieve the desired goals. Talk to us today and start your child’s healing process.

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