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What our occupational therapists do

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we work with children to help them gain independence in their daily activities. Our occupational therapists in Farmers Branch work with children to help them gain useful socializing, playing, and learning skills, giving them a sense of accomplishment. Kids with developmental delays may have trouble completing specific tasks.

At our occupational therapy center near Farmers Branch, we help children gain independence using various techniques. We work with your child, helping them learn essential self-care skills. You may notice some frustration in your child if they struggle with small daily tasks.

Sadly, the frustration can affect their school work and social skills. We create a child-friendly environment where our OTs work on motor planning, motor skills, and sequence necessary to complete activities such as dressing or tying shoelaces.

Does My Child Need Kids’ Occupational Therapy?

People learn how to relate with one another at a tender age. Knowing how to self-regulate when engaging with peers is crucial in gaining social skills. When this ability is affected, it impacts a child’s well-being.

Our professional occupational therapists in Farmers Branch work with children with all conditions. We equip kids with skills to monitor and develop self-regulation by using activities addressing sensitivities that impact this skill. If, for example, a child struggles with sound, we help them build tolerance and the ability to process noise.

There is a reason kids play all day, and our OTs in Farmers Branch understand this. Play is exceptionally crucial for a child to develop social, cognitive, motor, and interactive skills. For this reason, we incorporate play and fun activities to engage the child. Therefore, helping them gain appropriate fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and strength.

Give your child the best start by calling our occupational therapists at Synaptic Pediatric Therapies today. We help prepare your child for school, build their fine motor skills and nurture social skills for everyday interaction.

Signs that Your Child Needs Occupational Therapy

Children are always playing, which helps them gain new and essential things. These life skills enable them to connect and gain independence. However, some kids can have trouble learning these skills. They can have issues with developing fine and gross motor skills and cognitive skills. There are a few signs that you can watch out for to know if your child needs occupational therapy.

Problems Attaining Developmental Milestones

You may need to visit an occupational therapist to assess your child if they have trouble attaining particular age-appropriate skills within a certain period. Some of the examples include:

  • Inability to reach a developmental milestone such as neck-holding, crawling, walking, or sitting on time.
  • Unable to learn within the appropriate age group.
  • Difficulty or inability to learn age-appropriate play and social skills.
  • Not communicating, depending on their age.

Problems with Fine and Gross Motor skills

Gross motor or physical skills require the whole body’s movement, and they need large muscles to perform everyday activities. They include standing, sitting, running, or walking. It also entails eye-hand coordination skills. If your child has low body strength and balance, they can appear clumsy. They would need an occupational therapist to work on issues such as:

  • Inability to roll or age-appropriately kick a ball
  • Unable to go up or down the stairs age appropriately
  • Poor coordination and balance
  • Low muscle tone
  • Low endurance leading to fatigue

Fine motor skills include writing, tying shoelaces, picking up a spoon, or holding small objects. At our Synaptic Pediatric Therapies center in Farmers Branch, we use physical activities based therapy to help build strength and improve coordination. Children struggling with fine motor skills may have problems with:

  • Unable to develop hand dominance age-appropriately
  • Inability to use both hands
  • Weak pencil grip leading to bad handwriting
  • Difficulty manipulating puzzles and toys
  • Inability to use zippers and buttons or shoelaces
  • They can avoid tasks requiring the use of fine motor skills  

Social Skills Problems

We rely on social interaction skills to bond and connect with other people. They help us build relationships and understand life around us. Delayed social skills are signs that a child needs attention and occupational therapists’ services in Farmers Branch. You can observe the following symptoms:

  • Avoiding eye contact when talking
  • Problems with peers and family interaction
  • Unable to play with agemates
  • Problems adapting to new environments
  • Delayed communication and language skills
  • Unable to cope in the school environment.

Sensory Processing Disorders

Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD refers to a neurological condition that affects sensory information perception resulting in abnormal responses. A child with this condition has problems using sensory input from eyes, sound, smell, taste, and body joints.

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Occupational therapy helps a child attain independence and build healthy relationships. If you have observed any of the highlighted issues, you can contact us at Synaptic Pediatric Therapies center and book an appointment today.

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