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Are you worried about your child’s speech and communication progress? We understand the need to give your child the best care. As a result, we have the best team of speech-language pathologists in Euless, TX, to give your child a hand. If you have noticed speech delays or other related problems, you can bring your child to our clinic for assessment.

Various factors such as oral impairment can cause speech delays or disorders. Our professional speech therapists in Euless, TX, will assess your child’s speech patterns to come up with a diagnosis. We understand that any therapy is collaborative. For this reason, we work with parents and caregivers in designing the best strategy for addressing the challenge.

We have fun-filled and highly engaging therapy sessions. However, we break the sessions into various easy steps to avoid overwhelming the kid. If physiological problems are leading to the problem, our therapists have the necessary skills to identify such problems.

Speech and Language Development

As the brain develops in the first three years, it is the most engaging stage of life. Children pick up speech and language skills. For their development, sounds, sights and consistent exposure to speech and language from other people are essential. Toddlers and infants have critical periods that require exposure. If the period passes, they may experience difficulty when learning speech.

It is common knowledge that children’s development in speech differs. But they all follow a naturally recognized path of mastering speech and language. Our licensed speech-language pathologists in Euless, TX, are well-trained to notice any changes from the natural progression of speech development.

How Does Speech Therapy Work?

Once you understand significant milestones that children need to achieve, you can tell when to visit a speech therapist. When you visit the Synaptic Pediatric Therapies center, our therapist assesses your child’s speech to determine the best treatment.

They also look to find the source of the problem that might interfere with the treatment. We have one-on-one treatment options and group sessions to help foster speech. We have skilled and diverse speech therapists who can can help your child improve.

Articulation Skills/Speech Intelligibility

Articulation refers to the movement of the articulators successfully. The articulators include the jaws, tongue, palate and lips producing speech sounds, also known as phonemes. These sounds start to develop once a child is born. Intelligibility refers to when one’s speech is understood. Impairment on articulation compromises the intelligibility of the kid.

If you notice speech delay, speech therapists work with your child to address articulation problems. Children go through a series of exercises to help open up the articulators and have intelligible speech. Our speech-language pathologists work with your child to help them learn how to produce certain sounds and patterns.

Voice and Resonance

Children can also have voice disorders that affect the vocal folds. Such conditions include vocal cord paralysis, hoarseness, loss of voice and nodules or polyps on the vocal folds. Resonance is also known as voice quality. The balance of sound vibration in the oral, nasal, and pharyngeal cavities when speaking affects resonance.

Any obstruction in those cavities can be a cause of abnormal resonance. Often, children experience hoarseness of voice because of shouting, coughing and throat clearing. When a child works with a speech therapist, they can reduce these habits which repairs damaged vocal cords.

Receptive Language / Listening Skills

Receptive language refers to kids’ ability to listen as well as understand language. Naturally, children have stronger receptive language skills than expressive skills. If the receptive skills are affected, it may affect a child’s ability to learn new words or ways to express themselves.

At our speech therapy clinic near Euless, TX, we teach your child how to listen, answer questions, and follow directions. Building these skills allows them to perform well in class and social settings.

Speech Fluency/Stuttering

Stuttering is a communication disorder that affects fluency and speech rhythm. The disorder develops in childhood, and it is noticeable as a child experience breaks in speech flow. They are referred to as disfluencies. Normally, people have disfluencies. However, they affect a person’s ability to communicate when they are too many.

Children with this condition experience repetition, interjections, blocks and prolongations. It is also common to experience secondary behavior that includes neck tensions, face, shoulder, chest, jaws and flinching nose; when you bring your child to our speech therapy center in Euless, with time, they learn how to control these movements and gain improved fluency.

Expressive Language

Expressive language refers to how your child conveys, information. Our SLP can help your child learn new words helping them to express themselves clearly. Kids also learn how to use those new words into sentences and phrases for clear communication with others.

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