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Children explore the world around them through play. As a result, they learn new skills and interact with the environment on their way to independence. For example, through play, children know how to self-regulate when interacting with their agemates. Though children develop in differing stages, there are milestones considered crucial at each step in life.

If children experience developmental delays, occupational therapy is the best way to improve their cognitive, motor, and sensory processing skills. OT also helps children learn communication skills effectively in play.

At our Synaptic pediatric therapies center, we aim to enhance development while minimizing the potential delays. As a result, children gain independence, making it easier also on the parent or caregiver. Though we work with children with various conditions, we know there are no one-size-fits-all. We use an individualized treatment approach with each kid.

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Why Choose Synaptic Pediatric Therapies Center near Euless?

If you have noticed that your kid can benefit from occupational therapy, you want to choose the best treatment center. Our leading occupational therapists in Euless, TX, meet and exceed all requirements.

Communication Skills

An occupational therapist should have excellent communication skills. This skill is crucial when giving information to parents and caregivers. Our OTs can communicate with children effectively using straightforward and easy language. They avoid complicated words and jargon that can confuse the kids, which can affect results during sessions.

Ability to Deal with Various Personalities

Generally, children are willful, and they need a therapist who can handle various personalities. We understand that some level of discomfort and frustration can exist in a therapy session. However, our OTs in Euless, TX, possess the necessary skills to notice when the irritability and frustration are about to get out of hand. As a result, they quickly change treatment techniques.

Frequent Treatment Visits

Occupational therapy entails repetition, which helps a child internalize the lessons learned. After assessing a child’s treatment requirements, our therapists create a treatment calendar based on the goals set. A child’s severity of the condition, as well as the progress they are making, determines the duration of the treatment.

Fun-Filled Creative Treatment Approach

The fact that children learn well during play makes occupational therapy more fun and engaging. We use fun activities during treatment to help children gain the necessary skills. Whether they engage in exercises designed to build fine and gross motor skills or social and communication skills, the children do so through play.

Does My Child Need Occupational Therapy?

It is normal for children to struggle with some activities. However, there are activities they should be able to perform at each age. Most parents can have a problem differentiating. However, a few things can tell you if you need to get your child occupational therapy.

Inability to Focus

Most children struggle with the inability to focus on assignments or classwork. However, if it is excessive and they become easily distracted, they could suffer from sensory processing disorders. Such children can get distracted by slight noises or movements, which can affect their education.

Children can also be unable to control words or emotions and often interrupt conversations. They can also have overactivity where they become unable to sit still. Our occupational therapists in Euless will focus on introducing sensory breaks and toys easing a child’s discomfort.

The toys can also help relieve stress making it easy for the child to focus on the assignments. Children can also overreact to taste, touch, or smell. It is most common in children with autism. Therapy helps such children gain skills important in fostering relationships.

Children with affected sensory processing disorder can also have a high pain tolerance where they can walk around touching hot objects. These under sensitivity keep out sensation. It is good to visit our occupational therapy center near Euless, TX  for assessment.

Poor Motor Skills

Some activities that engage fine motor skills are often challenging for some kids. However, with time they gain stronger small hand muscle dexterity allowing them to perform these tasks. Kids that struggle with development in these areas often have issues with writing and holding small things such as scissors and utensils.

Apart from having issues with fine motor skills, children can face problems with gross motor skills. These large muscles help with walking, standing, and running. When they are affected, it can result in poor balance coordination and endurance issues. Occupational therapy will help your child to overcome these challenges.

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Our occupational therapists help children gain independence in all areas of their lives. The therapy can include the family in some instances to help the child adjust and improve skills. Contact Synaptic Pediatric Therapies center near Euless for the best care.

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