DeSoto Speech And Occupational Therapy

Are you looking a pediatric speech and occupational therapy in DeSoto, TX? Synaptic Pediatric Therapy Center is the best option. We provide an individualized treatment plan for your child.

Speech and Occupational Therapy in DeSoto, TX

It is common for some children to need a little more help when growing up. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies Center, we have a fully-equipped facility to help children facing some developmental challenges. Our therapists are highly qualified to assess, evaluate and treat any speech or occupational issues your child may have.

Speech Therapy in DeSoto, Tx

Do you think your child has communication and speech problems? Our speech-language pathologists in DeSoto, Tx can give your child the best care. Our team will help your child with any speech delays or other problems related to speech. We assess your child to come up with the cause of the problem. Various factors such as oral impairment can be a leading cause of speech disorders.

When you work with our top-of-the-line speech therapists in DeSoto, you will receive the best plan to address your child’s problem. Our therapists treat many areas affecting speech.

Improve Articulation Skills and Speech Intelligibility

Speech delay can be a result of affected articulation. Our therapists will assess the child’s articulators to determine the cause of the problem. We introduce a series of exercises helping the child open up the articulators and improve intelligibility.

Improve Speech Fluency

Stuttering is a very common problem in children. It affects speech rhythm and fluency. Kids with this condition exhibit breaks in the flow of speech. If your child is experiencing repetition, interjections, blocks, and prolongation of speech, they can benefit from our top speech-language pathologist’s intervention. We help your child learn how to control body movements which helps increase their fluency. When you intervene early, it is possible to get rid of disfluencies.

Improve Voice and Resonance

If your child is experiencing voice disorders, you can visit our speech therapy clinic in DeSoto, Tx for evaluation. When a child has issues with the vocal folds they can experience vocal cord paralysis, loss of voice, or hoarseness. This issue affects voice quality. We will work with your child to identify the cause of the problem and help them modify behavior to avoid irritating vocal cords. Too much screaming and shouting is a leading cause of the problem.

Occupational Therapy in DeSoto, Tx

Synaptic Pediatric Therapies Center in Desoto, TX also offers unmatched occupational therapy. As a family-owned practice, we provide excellent care to our patients helping build strong family relationships. If you are looking for a fully-equipped occupational therapy clinic in DeSoto, Tx, you can get in touch with us.

If your child has fine and gross motor skills problems, our certified occupational therapists will work with them to improve and attain normal function. Often, children that struggle with everyday activities, balance, or strength issues require treatment to improve. When you visit our center, we will assess, evaluate, and treat the condition by designing an individualized plan.

Our tailor-made OT program helps kids with delays in developmental milestones and sensory processing complications. Like with speech therapy, understanding such problems early on gives kids a chance to gain normal functions and do well in school. Our fun-filled environment helps children learn new skills and improve strength and balance.

During treatment, we use various techniques which include games helping build strength. As a family-owned business, we believe in a family-centered treatment approach. Therefore, we engage parents and caregivers including them in the treatment. We also teach them activities they can do at home with the kids which increases the rate of recovery.

What To Expect During OT Therapy

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we cater to children from birth to 20 years. When you visit our facility, we begin by collecting all the patients’ information. Our therapists will note down information such as a patient’s age, medical history, diagnosis, and precautions that ought to be taken. Having an in-depth conversation with therapists helps them come up with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Once we have their information, we then evaluate the patient. We will check their range of motion, strength, balance, and other fine and gross motor skills. With this information, our occupational therapist designs a treatment plan and sets treatment goals. After which, the treatment can begin.

Whether your child has speech problems or experiences issues with fine and gross motor skills, we are here for you. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we provide top-notch care to our patients in a fun-filled engaging environment. Book an appointment with us for a comprehensive checkup and unmatched occupational and speech therapy in DeSoto, TX.

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