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A pediatric speech or language disorder refers to a condition where a baby has delayed fluency, language, or articulation. The child can also fail to perceive and decipher sounds or body language. Speech challenge makes it difficult for the child to interact effectively. They can also have a strained social life due to withdrawal when they reach the cognitive stage. Because listeners can have a hard time understanding the child, they can resort to frustration.

Children’s speech therapists can help a kid improve on fluency, articulation, and language. The pediatric speech pathologist also treats swallowing problems because they go hand in hand with a speech disorder. There are several speech therapy centers near Dallas where you can seek assistance in case you realize delay in your kid.  

The kids’ speech pathologist helps with the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of the problem. Because there are underlying factors like autism in speech delay, the specialist does a thorough examination to identify the cause. However, there are cases where language delay in children is not a sign of any disorder. After the assessment, the therapist proposes the best therapy regimen for the kid at the clinic, school, and at home. All these stakeholders should work in tandem to help the child improve their speech.

Apart from the actual act of speaking and making sounds, speech pathology for children goes beyond that. A pediatric speech-language therapist helps to boost the confidence and self-esteem of the patient. Regular compliments and motivation will do the trick. The therapist gives child-specific speech therapy exercises considering age, severity, condition, and interests.  

If you are looking for a speech therapy clinic that will help your kid improve on speech skills, then Synaptic Pediatric Therapies is your haven. We have worked with several clients over the years and gained industry-standard experience for fast positive results.

Apart from physical treatment, we also take care of the social and psychological health of your child. We create a firm support system with the kid’s parents or guardians, friends and teachers for permanent improvement of their speech skills. Synaptic Pediatric Therapies also offers caregivers the necessary speech therapy activities for children at home.

We identify what matters to the kid and family to articulate speech therapy exercises. Through this, we ensure interest from all the parties involved. Are you in Dallas? You can get in touch with our customer service for a free children’s speech therapy consultation session.

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How Do I Know My Child Needs Speech Therapy?

When should a child start speaking, making sounds, or responding to their name? These are common questions from parents. Although each baby has a unique growth pattern where some will say their first word before the first birthday, others may delay to 15 months. However, in case of considerable delay in speech development, you can consult a speech and language pathologist. The specialist will do the necessary assessment and diagnose the cause of delayed speech.

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies center, we also give speech therapy activities for kids. The exercises help the child to keep improving even when at home for consistency. We work with parents and teachers to help the kid improve their communication skills. At the age of 6 months to one year, the child should be babbling and responding to their names.

Children above 8 years can have a hard time in speech therapy clinics and may even take longer to make progress. Therefore, it is important to make an early diagnosis of delayed speech or underlying conditions.

Some speech disorders may correct without the intervention of a specialist, especially if mild. However, it is not advisable to wait for this since past the age of 6 years, it might take longer to treat speech disorder. Parents and guardians should monitor the speech development of their babies from as early as 2 months. Response to sound and other stimuli should be kept on check. In case you notice anything that needs attention, you can consult a speech and language pathologist near Dallas.

Speech & Language Therapy Registration Process

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we take the time to assess and diagnose the speech problem as well as the underlying condition. Some of the most common disorders include:
  • Speech sound disorder
  • Language disorder
  • Fluency disorder
  • Pragmatic language disorder
  • Cognitive-communication disorder
  • Child apraxia of speech
We monitor each area to make the correct diagnosis. A child can have a challenge in one or two. We have a diverse team of pediatric speech pathologists who have extensive knowledge about each of the disorders. Therefore, it is easy to recommend the best speech therapy exercises for your baby.
Apart from the sessions at our therapy center, we also give you ideas on how you can be part of the process. We propose the most effective speech therapy exercises for kids at home. We also make other members of the family and friends part of the process by giving ways they can assist the baby.
After the assessment process, we assign the kid to one of the best speech therapists in Dallas. Consistency in the pathologist to handle each case helps the kid to accustom to their therapist. The staff also works with the parent or guardian to identify the most interesting speech therapy activities for the child.
At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we accept both insurance and cash payment to give the caregivers the flexibility they want. We also have the most attractive speech therapy rates in Dallas.

Contact a Pediatric Speech Therapist near Dallas

Delayed speech is not always an indication of an irreversible condition.  You can contact us to get the best speech and language therapy services. We guarantee the improvement of your kid’s skills to boost their confidence and self-esteem.   

We have a team that has worked on various speech disorders over the years. The extensive experience guarantees you a positive impact after the first session. At our center, we use customized speech therapy exercises for kids to match their condition. We also uphold values like compassion and patience which are essential in therapy sessions

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