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All occupational therapists for children should have at least a master’s degree in the relevant field. Besides that, the pediatric OT should also meet all the federal and state requirements for certification. If you have seen occupational therapists use CCC-SLP as their title, it means they have met these requirements. CCC-SLP stands for Certification of Clinical Competence Speech-Language Pathology. The accreditation comes from ASHA, which is the governing body for speech and occupational therapy. 

Any therapist who seeks to establish themselves as an authority in this field must meet these requirements. All the staff members at our speech and occupational therapy center near Dallas have fulfilled the local and federal requirements. We have gone through the rigorous examination process to ascertain we are equal to the task. Apart from that, we also do regular skill development to keep up with pediatric occupational therapy latest trends.

Soft skills like effective communication, patience, and dependability are integral parts of our OT clinic near Dallas. We understand the need to engage the children effectively. If any positive results are to be realized, empathy should be part of the therapy process.

Diversity of skills is also essential in occupational therapy. In most cases, children that need OT also require a speech pathologist. All our team members are equipped with both skills for easy assessment, diagnosis, and treatment. Kids with autism, in most cases, require both speech therapy and OT, and thus diversity of skills is necessary.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Occupational Therapist

To get the best occupational therapist near Dallas, you should do deep scrutiny. Here are some factors you should put into consideration.

1.Qualification & Experience

Kids’ occupational therapists who have worked for several years know what is ideal for each condition. The professional should also meet all the qualification requirements by ASHA and AOTA. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we have a team that boasts at least 5-year experience.  

The extensive experience has given our team diverse knowledge of the best occupational therapy activities for each challenge. We are accustomed to the most effective strategy for the improvement of motor and sensory skills. After the assessment, we make customized pediatric OT activities to fit your kid.

As per the ASHA requirements, we commit at least 30 hours of skills and 1 hour of ethical development. Children’s occupational therapy requires regular refresher courses to keep up with industry standards.


Occupational therapy patients are sensitive to change in the environment. It can even be more difficult in case of cognitive rigidity in autism. Therefore, you should go for an occupational therapy center near Dallas. Close proximity of the OT clinic saves on your time and money.
It is also easy for our team to do follow up. Apart from that, we can organize home-based occupational therapy for kids. Our clinic is located a few miles from your neighborhood. Therefore, you can easily access our facilities for consultation or treatment. We engage the child with the most familiar and interesting activities. We also put into consideration what matters to the family.

3.Customer Reviews

It clears any doubt when you have one or two testimonies from other people. We have worked with various occupational therapy clients in Dallas who can give a word about our services. There is a reason we are the most preferred OT clinic in the Dallas area.

4.Compassionate Care

Occupational therapy calls for personal dedication and drive to deliver the necessary results. The OT for children should be empathetic with the kid to be able to help them. The aim should not only be to help the kid physically but also psychologically and emotionally. When a child realizes they are lagging behind in development, they can withdrawal from their peers and other people. Therefore, the therapist should provide solace for the kid.

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With our occupational therapy clinics spread across the Dallas area, you are sure to get the best services near your location. Get in touch with our customer service or visit us if your child is experiencing difficulty in mobility, sensory responsiveness, or stability. We also do OT for children with autism in Dallas. We incorporate motor development with speech pathology to help the kid live a holistic life.
Whether it is an accident, illness, or disability, we can help your child recover. Early diagnosis of such a problem is necessary for fast progress. Once we do an evaluation, we do an in-depth assessment of the condition. After that, we recommend the best intervention measures as we keep check of the progress. We monitor the progress of the set goals of occupational therapy.

Benefits of Occupational Therapy

1.Improves Independence

The primary objective of occupational therapy for kids is to help them gain independence in day to day activities. We all want to dress, feed, and visit the loo without any assistance. The activity-specific exercises help an individual to improve on specific areas of their lives.

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies, we offer compensatory occupational therapy for children at home. We customize the activities to suit the patient’s needs. If they want to improve on the motor or sensory skills, we give activities for that.

2.Memory Aid

One characteristic of occupational therapy candidates is memory loss or obsession with specific activities. OT for kids aims to draw them from over-concentrating on some activities and at the expense of others.
Memory loss can also result from injury, illness, or advancement in age. Occupational therapy helps the patients overcome this drawback. After a series of repeated activities, the ideas start sticking. Exercises that aim at improving the brain capacity for organization, attention, and retention are necessary. These may include playing brain games and the use of tools like computers.

3.Improves Sleep Schedule

If your child is having irregular sleeping patterns due to a condition like autism or ADHD, then OT for kids will come in handy. Therapy relieves stress and anxieties, thus giving the kid quality sleep. Consequently, they can plan their time more effectively.

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