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Occupational therapy is crucial in a child’s life as it improves school performance while enhancing their daily activities. OT helps children build self-esteem. Children with congenital disabilities, sensory processing disorder, autism, learning problems, and many others can benefit from occupational therapy.

Our go-to occupational therapists in Cockrell Hill work with kids to help them with fine motor skills, improve visual-perception and increase cognitive skills. Additionally, we help children with sensory processing problems. Apart from spending years in school training in this field, our OTs have gained years of experience on the job.

As a result, we have worked with various kids with diverse problems requiring occupational therapy to help them back on their feet. For example, if a kid has messy handwriting, their treatment can include multisensory techniques to improve handwriting.

Cockrell Hill Occupational Therapy - Synaptic Pediatric Therapies Center

Starting occupational therapy early for a kid is helpful. A child who is unable to do basic tasks can struggle with confidence and self-esteem. If a child has poor motor skills, they can also be clumsy, putting them at risk of bullying for being different.

Parents who bring their children to Synaptic Pediatric Therapies notice improvements in their ability to perform basic tasks. As a result, the kids become more confident and social.

Our goal at our occupational therapy center near Cockrell Hill is to improve a child’s development while reducing potential delays. During the child’s assessment, you can talk to our OT about your goals for the kid. Additionally, we establish fun occupational therapy activities that you or a caregiver use at home to boost the kid’s performance.

As a result, the child can learn new things to gain age-appropriate social, school, and play skills. Our occupational therapists in Cockrell Hill have unmatched early intervention skills to teach family members and caregivers to help fast track the improvement.

Why Choose Our Occupational Therapy Services

An occupational therapist can play a crucial role in the well-being of your child. Pediatric occupational therapists provide critical support to infants, toddlers, children, and young adults. We have assembled the best team of occupational therapists in Cockrell Hill, TX, to help children attain independence.

We Create A Good Therapy Foundation

One of the reasons you should visit Synaptic Pediatric Therapies is because we lay the comprehensive groundwork for successful treatment. We ask parents to provide detailed information on the child’s history, which helps in the assessment.

Additionally, during the first visit, we give the child a series of fun activities to observe them for evaluation. We can assess their attention span, language skills, and tolerance to frustration to help create a comprehensive treatment plan.

We Work with Parents and Caregivers​

Apart from comprehensive fun techniques to help the child, we also work with parents and caregivers. We hone in on every subtle improvement and advance therapy techniques to capitalize on this. Additionally, we teach parents and caregivers what to look out for and occupational therapy activities they can do at home to help children internalize the skills.

We also engage parents and caregivers in the sessions. Additionally, we listen to the parents and provide written goals for the treatment. Our occupational therapists near Cockrell Hill, TX, document all the child’s changes to keep you informed of the progress.

Create Consistent Visits Plan

Occupational therapy is about repetition. The more a child engages in activities to increase motor skills or improve communication skills, the better they become. At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies near Cockrell Hill, TX, we understand this technique.

For this reason, we create a consistent plan and schedule visits to work with the child. The extent of the child’s condition and improvement rate can determine how long the therapy will last.

We Use Play to Achieve Success

Children need a playful environment to achieve desired changes and foster self-esteem. In our sensory-based OT sessions, children often feel like they are playing to avoid frustration. 

Our OTs monitor the child during these moments and jump in to offer suggestions before a child starts to give up. Mostly, children can begin to ask for help with activities instead of throwing tantrums.

Additionally, we also welcome parents to ask questions if they do not understand the OT techniques. It helps you know the reason behind each activity to help the child recover. Contact Synaptic Pediatric Therapies near Cockrell Hill and book an assessment session. 

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