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Is your child experiencing delayed speech or disorder? They can benefit from speech therapy. The therapy involves the evaluation and treatment of speech and communication disorders. Speech-language pathologists perform this evaluation. You can also refer to them as speech therapists.

At Synaptic Pediatric Therapies Center, we have speech-language pathologists skilled in using various techniques to help your child recover. As such, there is no need to panic as your child can go through articulation therapy, activities for language intervention and others to achieve the best outcome.

Remember, it is normal for some children to experience delays or problems in speech and communication as they learn. However, there are developmental milestones that each child needs to achieve at each stage. If you have noticed any delays, you can visit our speech therapy clinic near Bedford, TX, for a thorough assessment.

When Is Speech Therapy Needed?

Speech therapy is required for many reasons. First, a child can have articulation disorders. This condition makes it difficult for a child to make certain sounds. They can drop add or substitute words.

A child’s flow of speech (fluency)can also be affected. A child can have stutter or clutter in speech. Kids can also experience resonance disorder while also having sensory issues making it difficult to understand what they are being told.

Other conditions include expressive disorders where they cannot convey information, cognitive-communication disorders due to injury affecting the memory, aphasia and dysarthria. For children, the earlier you address the communication difficulties, the better they become.

What Goes on During A Speech Therapy Session?

Are you curious to find out what will happen when you bring your child to our speech therapy center near Bedford, TX? First, our speech therapists will perform a thorough assessment to determine your child’s condition and treatment needs. It’s worth noting that therapy differs from one person to another, and it’s guided by the goals set.

During the assessment, our SLP looks at the child’s history. Parents should have more information stating when they started observing the signs. Additionally, speech therapists also administer an oral examination to determine the best course of treatment. They also look at their articulation, vocabulary, expressive and repressive language when determining a diagnosis.

Sometimes speech delays or disorders are caused by oral muscle weakness. For this reason, the speech-language pathologist in Bedford, TX, will look at the child’s oral muscle strength. Problems in this area show through issues when swallowing food, feeding, or stuttering.

Once the assessment is complete, the SLP can prepare a detailed tailor-made treatment plan for your child. Additionally, we also discuss the treatment plan with you as we set goals for the next few sessions. At the center, we focus on making the sessions fun and engaging to foster a good working relationship between the therapist and the child.

A fun-filled treatment environment helps your kid to respond positively to the session. We use a few factors to help determine how to structure the treatment session:

  • Age
  • Needs
  • and a child’s disorder

Speech Therapy Treatment Approach

You may have noticed that learning something new for kids and play looks a lot similar. It is the same when it comes to the speech therapy treatment approach. The speech therapists use toys as a reward to keep the children engaged in the session.

A treatment session can include articulation bingo games, board games based on language and colorful sequencing activities. These techniques help the children to stay engaged and achieve communication goals.

If weak muscles bring about speech delay or disorder, our licensed speech-language pathologists in Bedford, TX, will focus on building muscle strength. For children with intellectual difficulties, therapists can help them learn alternative ways to communicate.

Involving Family Members in Therapy

In speech therapy, children receive exercises they can perform at home to become better with time. To do so, they need help from their family members and caregivers. Due to this, we engage the parents by giving them feedback regarding the treatment session. We also engage them during treatment to help in faster recovery.

As a result, parents and caregivers can use the feedback when reviewing homework and treatment strategies. It also allows consistent practice, which brings better results.

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Resolving a child’s communication disorder allows them to build the confidence necessary for interacting socially. Children adjusting well socially in school also perform better in class. Our speech-language pathologists in Bedford, TX, are ready to work with your child to give them the best start. Reach out to us today for the best experience.

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