Language Disorders




Receptive Language Disorder: Trouble understanding language.


Signs/symptoms of a Receptive Language Disorder include:

  • Trouble answering questions
  • Not following directions
  • Not understanding what gestures mean
  • Difficulty identifying objects and pictures
  • Not understanding language concepts (e.g., comparatives, such as ‘big’ and ‘bigger’ prepositions, such as ‘up’ and ‘next to’)


Expressive Language Disorder: Trouble speaking or sharing thoughts, ideas, and feelings.


Signs/symptoms of an Expressive Language Disorder include:

  • Speaking few words or not talking at all
  • Difficulty asking questions
  • Trouble naming objects
  • Not using simple gestures like waving or nodding
  • Trouble initiating conversation or play
  • Not using new words
  • Difficulty combining words in the right order
  • Not giving enough details when speaking or writing.