Fluency Disorder



Stuttering: Disruption in the ability to produce speech in a smooth, accurate, effortless and timely manner.

Typical stuttering:

  • Occurs in children 2-4 years old as their language is developing
  • Inconsistent with no particular pattern
  • Interjections (“um” “uh”)
  • Revisions (“I ate an apple, I mean an orange”)
  • Whole word or phrase repetitions

Signs/symptomsof a Fluency Disorder include:

  • Sound repetitions (“s-s-s-nake”)
  • Syllable repetitions (“ca-ca-candy”)
  • Prolongation of sound or words (“Daaaaaddy”)
  • Blocks, or stopping of airflow
  • Tension around the mouth or in the posture.
  • Pitch changes, such as sudden loudness.
  • Secondary behaviors (foot tapping)
  • Avoidance or frustration (e.g. stop talking, unusual pauses, increased interjections (“umm”), or substitutions.