Our Mission

Synaptic Pediatric Therapies puts our patients first. We are built upon family values and genuine compassionate bonds between our patients and Speech Therapists. We strive to serve each patient with the utmost care and respect. We are determined to achieve the goals set for our patient’s success with their communication growth and their place in the real world.

Our Services

Speech Sound Disorders

Articulation Disorder: Producing speech sounds incorrectly…
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Fluency Disorder

Stuttering: Disruption in the ability to produce speech in a smooth, accurate, effortless and timely manner…
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Language Disorders

Receptive Language Disorder:Trouble understanding language. Expressive Language Disorder: Trouble speaking or sharing thoughts, ideas and feelings…
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Pragmatic (Social) Language Disorder:

Difficulty using language in social situations…
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Cognitive-Communication Disorders

Difficulty with any part of communication that is affected by a disruption of the cognitive processes (memory, attention, organization, planning, and problem solving)…
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Childhood Apraxia of Speech

An oral motor speech disorder that involves difficulty planning and coordinating movements of the muscles that control the articulators (lips, tongue, teeth, jaw, pharynx, velum)…
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Start Today

Now accepting new patients, call our office for an appointment today! Click here for more information on insurance and methods of payment for speech therapy services.

New Themes

Different themes each month give our kids a new activity to look forward to! Children are guaranteed to stay focused with exciting material every session.

Office Visits

Our office hours are flexible which makes scheduling appointments a breeze. We serve the Dallas Metroplex.

Stay Connected

Speech Therapist and parent relations are imperative to a child’s success! We provide individual plans for each parent to take home.